John Keats
Album Credits

Producer, Acoustic Guitar: Larry Beaird, Beaird Music Group, Nashville, Tennessee
Co-producer, Acoustic Guitar, Composer, Vocals: Bob Menzies
Drums: Eddie Bayers  
Electric Guitar:  Troy Lancaster 
Bass Guitar: Eli Beaird
Steel: Justin Schipper 
Keyboards/Piano: David Dorn   
Keyboards/Piano: Howard Duck
Fiddle, Mandolin: Tammy Rogers King
Backing Vocals: Tania Hancheroff
Tracking Engineer: Jimmy LeBlanc
Vocal Engineer: Rob Lane
Mixing Engineer: Dave Brough                                                                    
Mastering Engineer: Phil Demetro, Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto, Canada
Photography: Linda Jean McDermott
Album Design: Bob Menzies

Liner Notes

Most of these songs were written in a house overlooking the Sooke Basin, an inlet off the Straight of Juan de Fuca that lays between the US and Canada in the Pacific Northwest. The outlier in the pack is the song JOHN KEATS that was conceived in Rome on the Spanish Steps and born in Toronto a year and a half later, about the same gestation period as for an elephant. Songs need be out when they come. I had twenty-five to thirty songs to choose from, all written since the previous album, and who knows if I made the right choices. I have learned not to second guess too much, because I want to keep on going. I guess like most songwriters you keep writing like a gold-miner keeps mining for gold, looking for that nugget, that card that is "so high and wild you'll never have to deal another"(Leonard Cohen - THE STRANGERS SONG). But I have goals and a big one is to record a new album every year until a) I run out of ideas (not likely) or b) I run out of money (also not likely, since I'll record in my garage and learn whatever I need to, to do it) or c) I run out of time (that's a definite since we all run out of time at some point). I may tour for this album and call the tour SEE ME BEFORE I PASS AWAY, since so many of my contemporaries (in age not in acclaim of course) seem to be leaving this mortal coil around this time. I any case, since I started this gig in 2011, I have recorded an album in 2012 (Breaking Time), 2013 (One More Highway), 2014 (Citizens of Nashville) and 2015 (John Keats). 2016 is here, so expect another one. I feel privileged to be able to do this, so I offer my humble gratitude to one and all, especially the Universal Life Force, whatever that may be (perhaps Stephen Hawking will find it before he leaves us - go Steve!)

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