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Press Release  – Nov 14, 2014
Toronto, Ontario. 

The third independent album from Toronto folk-rocker Bob Menzies releases November 14. Ten new, lyrically rich songs backed by a cast of some of Nashville's finest session musicians. Songs of love and loss, travel and hope and observations on the society we live in today. The album was produced by Larry Beaird and recorded at his studio BEAIRD MUSIC in Nashville. Final mastering was completed in Toronto by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel 
Liner Notes
Songs were ready to record and NashvilIe beckoned. I wasn’t too sure what would happen when I brought my batch of folk/blues tunes to a country studio but one thing I did know: I would find some of the best musicians on the planet down there and they would serve the songs well.  So that credit for the great sound we got is theirs and I will of course take responsibility for the songs.
As in most of my work these are songs of longing and loss, hope and despair and love at the joy of being alive.  The musician ship is nothing short of amazing with the line-up including some of Nashville’s finest musicians (see session credits)
We decided to head down to Mississippi first to get to the heart of Blues Country where it all started. We got to Clarksdale and stayed on the old Hopson Plantation to re-work some of the songs to get them ready for the studio. Hung out at the crossroads of Highway 49 and 61, visited Robert Johnson at the Church Of The Little Zion graveyard, crossed the Tallahachee and  back to Nashvile for a whirlwind recording session. The album was finished in 6 days and a hard drive sat in my pocket till we got the tapes back to Toronto’s Lacquer Channel Mastering’s Phil Demetro.
I’m not exactly sure what we’ve got here. The Nashville engineers said it sounded like Country Americana. Time will tell I guess


Track List

  1.   My Time Has Come…..3:19
  2.   Highway Of My Dreams…..3:46
  3.   Love And Glory…3:10
  4.   Black Cat Hiding…..4:27
  5.   You Can’t Go Home Again…..4:23
  6.   I’ve Never Been To Nashville…..3:47
  7.   The Only Thing I Fear…..3:33
  8.   No More Cards In The Game…..4:42
  9.   Time For You To Go…..3:41
  10.    Follow Me Down...............3:29

Session Musicians

Producer, Acoustic Guitar:
Larry Beaird, originally from Texas has several different roles in the Nashville recording scene. He was a 2004 nominee for the Academy of Country Music Guitarist of the Year. As a producer, he has produced songs featuring such artists as Dolly Parton, Billy Dean and Mark O’Connor.
As a musician, he has played acoustic guitar, banjo, and mandolin on thousands of recording sessions including records for Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, Brooks and Dunn, and Montgomery Gentry.
Eddie Bayers,  (born 28 January 1949) is an American session drummer who has played on 150 gold and platinum albums. He received the Academy of Country Music 'Drummer of the Year Award' for eight straight years, and has three times won the Nashville Music Awards 'Drummer of the Year'. He is also a member of two bands: The Players, and The Notorious Cherry Bombs.
Electric Guitar:
Kelly Back has played on literally thousands of albums in multiple genres of music. The amazing musical gift that he and the other tried and true session players on Music Row have is stunning to watch! They play on hundreds of albums and yet are able to create new licks, runs, and feels for each song. That’s why they stick around…because they are really just that good.
Howard Duck (The Duckman) from Boisie Indiana, formerly playing keyboards in Rascal Flatts’ backup band. Also played on Luke Bryan’s SPRING BREAK…HERE TO PARTY
Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro:
Scotty Sanders – Trace Adkins/George Jones/Alan Jackson Called one of the best Pickers in Nashville. If you don't like Southern Gospel you have missed some of the best Country Steel of all time.
Bass: Kevin “Swine” Grantt
Son of a preacher man in Ellenboro, North Carolina and since those early days, Swine's toured with the best talent in the business, including Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Rodriguez, Toby Keith, and many more, including the man at least partially responsible for his life's path, Willie Nelson. Nominated for the 2014 Academy of Country Music’s Bass player of the Year
Keyboards, Organ: Mike Rojas
Michael Rojas accepted the Piano/Keyboard Player of the Year Award at the 7th Annual ACM Honors at the Ryman Auditorium on September 10, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. Played with Lady Antebellum, Lee Anne Womack, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Kellie Pickler, Dave Stewart, Alabama, Tim McGraw, Florida Georgia Line,Dean Brody and so on..




Track List

My Time Has Come – A soldier in the battlefield. The sun is setting, the tanks are rolling, the day is going, his time could be near.

Highway Of My Dreams – A couple of Bonnie & Clyde types set out to find the highway of their dreams.
Love And Glory  - A Steinbeck inspired ballad, riding a motorcycle, chasing a girl, in California’s San Joaquin valley
Black Cat Hiding - A jilted lover who can’t move on. A cat with painted toenails, a circus clown and a two-foot tall monkey.
You Can’t Go Home Again - Political correctness, entrenchment, seagulls screaming at angels to let them go back home while Josephine says no.
I’ve Never Been To Nashville - A songwriter’s dream, shared by everyone from Kriss Kristofferson to Taylor Swift, Jack White and Keith Urban. Gettin’ down to Nashville.
 The Only Thing I Fear - Lot’s of things you can fear in this world. This guy fears only one thing: Losing your love..
No More Cards In The Game - Just out of prison after 20 years. Looking in the Hobo’s Alley for his long lost love
Time For You To Go - Biblical references abound. A black moon is rising and it is surely time for some people to go. Who it might be is never very clear.

Follow Me Down - As the river needs to get to the sea, he needs to get there too. Someone always gets hurt when dreams get followed.


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Bob Menzies is a singer-songwriter born in The Netherlands, raised in Montreal and now living in Toronto. An inveterate wanderer who  remains a restless spirit, he harkens back to some of our long-lost musical heroes: the troubadours, the storytellers, the minstrels. Both his debut album “Breaking Time” (2013) and his follow up “One More Highway (2014) spin stories of all manner of rogues, ne’er do wells, and lovers, echoing the folk balladry of a Bob Dylan, the singer-songwriter tales of a Chris DeBurgh and the country sounds of a John Prine.  M

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