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May 7, 2014    -  Playing in "The Best Originals", a showcase at The Hirut Ethiopian Restaurant

April 22, 2014  - Going into Kinetic Studios to begin work on demos for the new album          

Jan/Feb, 2014  -  hanging out in Sooke, BC at The Beach Cottage writing 
                                          material for a new album


Bob Menzies is a singer-songwriter born in The Netherlands, raised in Montreal and now living in Toronto. An inveterate wanderer who  remains a restless spirit, he harkens back to some of our long-lost musical heroes: the troubadours, the storytellers, the minstrels. Both his debut album “Breaking Time” (2013) and his follow up “One More Highway (2014) spin stories of all manner of rogues, ne’er do wells, and lovers, echoing the folk balladry of a Bob Dylan, the singer-songwriter tales of a Chris DeBurgh and the country sounds of a John Prine.  M

About the music

The second Bob Menzies album ONE MORE HIGHWAY  was released January 1, 2014 and is now available on ITunes.


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